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The Whey Box (Short-Dated Stock, BBE 31st July)


Product Description

Buy one Whey Box containing 10 sachets of our delicious whey protein. Please note that the following flavours are currently unavailable: Gingerbread, Cookies & Cream, Vanilla, Toffee, Chocolate ****** DISCLAIMER: we are moving to an upgraded production facility and due to a recent surge in sales, we are short of stock. These sachets have a 'Best Before End' date of 31st July. This is a ‘Best Before Date’ recommended by our manufacturer as standard practice, one year from manufacture. This is not a use by date. We have inspected the product and deem it still perfectly safe for consumption, taste and odour is normal. Please see the Food Standards Agency website for information on best before and use by dates here: After the Best Before Date any customers purchasing or consuming the product does so at their own discretion.****** DISCOUNT CODES NOT APPLICABLE

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